• Production Managers – 2
  • Asst Managers – 2
  • Executives –10
  • QA Managers –3
  • Asst Managers QA-4
  • Executives QC-6

Pharma Regulatory Affairs


Producing true role models with total professional approach and perfect employable state.


The aptitude levels are extremely good with today’s generations. But, unfortunately the attitude, social skills and employability skills are extremely poor. As a result the attrition is very high. That is also the reason why only 5% pupils are being selected in interviews(as per ‘The Hindu’) and the remaining are rejected. This is because today’s industry requires students with employability skills who can deliver to the organizational requirements and create wonderful congenial atmosphere in and around.


Job Seekers, Trainees, Employees with less than 2 years experience.

Contents :

1. Aspirations, Dreams and Goals

2. Professionalism and the 3 Delivering Dynamics

3. Human Behavioural Science and realities

4. Attitude – A matter of choice

5. Professional Etiquette and Leadership Qualities

6. Empathy – A path to the top

7. Interpersonal Skills and Relationships

8. Personality Identification and dealing with different/ difficult personalities

9. Communication builds relationships

10. Effective Communication Skills

11. Assertive Communication

12. Communication Sensitivity

13. Togetherness with good team work through perfect Team Building

14. Goal Setting – Shaping the future

15. Time Management

16. Stress Management and Work-Life balance

17. Proactive Nature – A true role model

18. Complete Man with employable state

19. Workshop


The above contents would be supported by:

1. Assessment test (Before and After training)

2. Core Assessment test

3. Competency Mapping

Duration :  5 Days (9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m)

Delivering Methodology : Training Session would be supported by the following to make the session more lively :

»  PowerPoint Presentations

»  Analytical Tests

»  Video Clippings

»  Stories

»  Games

»  Group Exercises

»  Case Studies

Benefit : Application of the acquired skills can make the individual to get selected for any company anywhere in the world.